Ocean Diver

Once you join the club you will be placed as a trainee on one of our Ocean Diver training courses.

This comprises a set of 7 theory sessions in the classroom where you will learn all about the basic principles of diving.

The lectures are accompanied by a series of pool sessions where you will be taught the practical aspects of diving. You will be placed in a small group with other trainees and assigned a personal instructor who will be responsible for your training.

As your training progresses each week, you will become familiar with the equipment and will develop the skills necessary to undertake the sport in safety. Once you have mastered these lessons you shall undertake a set of 5 open water dives. These are designed to progressively build your open water diving skills and confidence.

We will arrange for your first open water dives to take place from the beach, at an inland site or a similar sheltered open water area.

As an Ocean Diver you will be ready to undertake a wide range of open water dives, to a maximum depth of 20 metres. On all your dives you will be accompanied by an experienced diver.

This is where all the weeks of training become worthwhile and you can start to experience the pleasures of exploring the underwater world.

Theory Lessons
Theory lessons are held monthly in a classroom at a local venue, arranged by the Training Officer. There are usually 2 or 3 theory lessons in one session with a short break between each lesson. Each lesson lasts for about 1 hour.

To gain the most benefit from the lectures you should read the appropriate section from your student workbook before attending the lecture. That way you can use the lecture to gain an understanding of those areas that were not clear from reading the notes. If there is still something you don’t understand, ask the lecturer. If you didn’t understand it you’ll probably find that other people in the class didn’t understand it either.

When attending any of the lectures you should take along the following items:-

A pen and paper for making notes;
Your blue logbook so that the lecture can sign the lesson off;
Your student workbook;
Any special items requested by the lecturer.

Pool Sessions
Pool time is valuable, so do make sure that you are at the pool side promptly each week with all your kit prepared. This will allow you to make the best use of the available pool time.

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of attending each week. If you miss a week it will disrupt not only your training, but the training of the other novices within your group as well. However should circumstances prevail such that you cannot attend on any particular week, you should telephone your instructor and let him know at the earliest opportunity.

When attending the pool sessions you should take along the following items:-

Basic equipment (Mask, snorkel and fins)
Aqualung (Cylinder, demand valve and jacket) – make sure you get the cylinder filled each week
Weight belt
Blue log book, to record progress

BSAC requires that everyone who wishes to participate in diving activities must complete a self certification form pronouncing that they are fit to dive. If there are any areas you are unsure of it may be necessary to arrange a medical with a qualified doctor.