Dive Leader

The Dive Leader Course consists of the following elements:

  • twelve classroom lessons
  • a theory assessment
  • seven open water lessons
  • two dry practical lessons
  • twenty dives (which may include the open water lessons), in a range of conditions, since qualifying as a Sports Diver

All practical training includes the achievement of specific performance standards at appropriate points throughout the lessons. The Ocean Diver and Sports Diver courses were biased towards learning skills and knowledge while underpinning this with appropriate experience. The Dive Leader course continues to build on these skills and knowledge, but the experience element becomes increasingly important. The definitions of the qualifying dives therefore cover a wide range of conditions to provide the essential consolidation of the skills and knowledge.

Open Water Conditions
The build-up of experience of diving in a wide range of conditions is as important a part of Dive Leader training as the specific lessons. Dive sites should include those encompassing a wide variety of topography and underwater life, and which have noticeable water movement due to waves or current (max 1.5kn). Water conditions should also include a range of underwater visibilities. Access from both shore and boats should be included. Until qualified as a Dive Leader depth should not exceed 35m. Subsequently, and with appropriate experience, this can be increased to 50m.

For further information on the whole range of BSAC diving and instructional qualifications refer to BSAC.