New to Diving

Diving is fun, but don’t just take our word for it, come along and find out for yourself. Sussex Diving Club run regular Try Dive sessions where you have the opportunity to find out more about the club and have a go with real SCUBA gear.

The evening starts off with a presentation by Club members, which will tell you all about the Club. We then transfer to the swimming pool where one of our nationally qualified instructors will show you how to fit the buoyancy jacket and aqualung equipment and take you on a guided underwater swimming tour.

If you find that you really enjoy the experience (and most people do) we’ll tell you what you can do about becoming a member of the club and how we can train you towards becoming a fully qualified diver.

As a qualified diver you will be able to join in any of our diving activities – local wreck or reef dives – diving expeditions living aboard a charter boat – or diving at exotic locations around the world.

To start with you won’t need any. All equipment needed for the Try Dive session is provided by the Club. When you join the Club and start training you’ll still be able to borrow the Club equipment. However we usually find that most people like to buy their own mask, snorkel and fins (basic equipment), to suit their personal preferences. These are fairly inexpensive and some people have them already. One of the first things we teach people is how to select the best equipment and where to buy it from locally.

How Much will it Cost?
We make a nominal charge of £15 to attend the Try Dive session. This is to cover the cost of hiring the pool and maintaining the equipment that you will be using. Our next Try Dive sessions take place on 3rd and 10th October. To book your place, or for more information, email us or call 01273 808980.

The training that you receive as a member will be supervised by one of our nationally qualified instructors. We make no charge for this, all we ask is that you are a fully paid member of the Club. As a full member of the Club you will also be entitled to unlimited air fills free of charge from the club compressor (for personal use only).

For your first year, membership of Sussex Diving Club is £200. This is payable in one lump sum or in three instalments of £80, £60 and £60. For the second and subsequent years, as loyalty to the Club, you will receive a discounted rate of £180 per year which you can pay by standing order at £15 per month, or in one lump sum.

You will also need annual membership to BSAC and this is £54, which is payable by Direct Debit to BSAC, the Direct Debit mandate is part of the membership form which we will ask you to complete and sign.

Once you complete your pool training you will be qualified to dive from the Club boats, which are permanently moored in Brighton Marina. The charge for this is around £10 for inshore/reef dives and £10 to £20 for an offshore/wreck dive.