About Sussex Diving Club

Sussex Diving Club is run by the members, for the members and relies on the membership for its support. Our policy is to actively promote the sport in our area through our various activities and we have an ongoing training program where we teach people how to dive in a safe and enjoyable way.

Our training season starts in September and continues throughout the winter months. Apart from the courses that we offer from within the branch there are many opportunities to pursue specialist interests and attend some of the nationally run courses organised by BSAC. Diving takes place throughout the year and we try to vary the nature and location of these dives to suit all tastes. e.g. marine biology, wreck diving, reef diving, underwater photography.

In the summer months we like to coincide the diving activities with a day on the beach and a bar-be-cue in the evening.

All of our activities are entirely non-profit making and all monies raised are ploughed back into the Club for the benefit of the members.

We hope that you will join our Club and become a keen follower of the sport. You will find us a friendly and easy going bunch and we look forward to welcoming you into the branch.